Three mobs of warriors live in the Kalahari, struggling to survive the harsh surroundings and recover from the severity of the harshest drought. Choose your meerkats and live the life of a Desert Warrior!
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 DW Rules! (beta)

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PostSubject: DW Rules! (beta)   Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:40 pm

NOTE: These rules are still undergoing maintenance.  We need to make sure that EVERYONE agrees with them.  Feel free to pm me if you disagree with ANYTHING AT ALL, or post in the discussion topic here:

These rules are all likely to change over time.  Breaking any of them with have consequences, as stated below.

General Rules

  • Remember the golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.  That doesn't mean you're required to like every member, but if you have to fight with someone, please keep it in private messages.  Better yet, don't contact the other person at all... if they contact you, ignore them and talk to a staff member, or a regular member about the problem.  This ensures the easiest way to resolve an issue without anyone getting hurt.  The staff can usually handle issues like this in a more civilized manner, because it doesn't allow it to get bigger and out of control.  Issues should also not be displayed or fought through any form of text, pictures, banner, avatar, or anything else that can be seen by everyone on the site.

  • There is to be absolutely no flaming, bullying, or ganging up on other members, no matter what they did, if anything, to deserve it.  Such situations will not be tolerated, and handled with swiftly, in accordance with the enforcement process.

  • As a site opened to members of all ages, please be careful what you post on the site.  We prefer that strong, uncensored language not be used in or out of character, although in some situations OOC swearing, when censored, should be fine in moderation.  Posts with mature content or inappropriate/offensive behavior will be modified, the author issued a warning by a staff member, or both.

  • We like to keep everything clean and organized, so please don't spam the forums.  Any topics or posts of the sort will be removed, and a warning issued.  In accordance with our enforcement process, if the problem persists you may be banned.  It may seem hard to imagine, but some people really do just join forums to spam and advertise.  We have no room for members of that sort.

  • In general, just use good judgement and courtesy on Desert Warriors.  

Character Creation Rules

  • NEW - Every character has to be accepted by at least 2 members of staff.

  • NEW - When creating your character, remember that they can not exceed 18 inches tall and 3.5 pounds in weight.

  • To create a character, submit their profile to the appropriate forum, preferably using the guidelines found here.  Outlined are the required fields, and what we look for in a character.

  • You may add any more fields to your profile you'd like, apart from what we require (name, age, gender, description, personality, history).  You can also format it in any way you'd like.

  • EVERY character needs a bio, including those that are adopted or born into the roleplay.  This keeps everything organized and weeds out 'filler characters' who will just end up neglected later.  Also helps prevent hyperposting as well.

  • We're trying to keep things more realistic this time around, so keep that in mind when writing and playing your meerkat.  Try to keep designs realistic.  We allow variations in color (shades of brown, or at least slightly hinting brown are preferred, such as gray-brown or yellow-brown, lighter colors are also more realistic) as well as most eye colors.  Mutations are discouraged and it's suggested that all normal markings be present in some way (dark eye patches, ears, stripes, and tail tip).  No glowing eyes or meerkats with superpowers.  

  • Try to put effort into your character, and be descriptive.  This doesn't mean perfect grammer, college-level writing, or a wall of text.  Leaving a decent amount of detail helps in the long run.  You can always change and edit your bio later, especially as your character develops.  This is especially true of pups, which get quite a bit more leniency due to being younger and usually more innocent.

Roleplay Rules

  • Although this is a roleplay and we prefer you take part with a character of your own, of course we understand that some members just want to watch and are too busy now to roleplay.  We may revert to our old rule of not allowing this if it becomes a problem, but for now, it's not an issue.

  • When a new member creates their first character, and it's accepted by the admins, the meerkat must be accepted and played actively for a week before they can create another.  This doesn't apply to characters created before our first day starts, however.  Please remember that your character doesn't HAVE to be accepted, and may be run off based off circumstances.  However, this is uncommon.

  • There's no mary sues/stues, god-modding or powerplaying allowed.  Your character cannot be soooo much more powerful, awesome, and perfect that all the others.  You also can't control or automatically beat another meerkat.  On that same note, only seriously injure or kill another character if you have permission.  To prevent problems from arising, all fights that take place must be fair and discussed prior.

  • Please try to be as reasonable as possible when roleplaying.  This means somewhat normal meerkat behavior; although quirks and abnormalities are ok,  it is possible to cross the line.  If a meerkat is roving/traveling, please refer to the groups' maps so that a sense of direction and distance can be taken into affect.  Also, remember that meerkats can't talk... they communicate through sounds and body language.  However, you are welcome to 'translate' what they're saying through italics.

  • We ask that you please be appropriate in your posts.  No in-depth mating scenes, and no vulgar language in-character.  Most people don't really like to see sexual posts, and some of us don't like to see swearing in posts either.  But there's nothing against made-up meerkat cuss words!

  • Keep your personal life out of the roleplay and no attacking another person's character out of spite. This rule will be strictly enforced.

  • We’ve had problems with hyperposting in the past, and we’re really making an effort to fix that.  When posting, you’re required to wait 24 hours before posting again, and it’s preferred that at least two people have posted after you.  The staff will keep a close eye to make sure no one gets left behind, and we may ask you to wait if necessary.  Please let us know if you have to take a break, so that we know to cover your characters until you get back.  It doesn’t help to wait for a post that won’t come for a while.

  • When a temporary split is created, there will be a limit on how many meerkats can join it, if any.

Dominant/New Mob Rules

  • Dominance fights are encouraged, as long as you understand that if the subordinate loses, they will receive a heavy beating and might even be evicted.  Keep in mind that the dominant will fight long and hard to keep their spot.  It is possible to lose, but realize that you can only regain dominance for a single roleplay day, then the old dominant will fight to get it back.

  • If you’re interested in playing a dominant, contact an admin, and introduce your character as a subordinate… one day, when the current on steps down, you may get your chance.

  • When it is time for a new dominant to rise to power, there’s a trial period of one roleplay day to test the new leader.  If all goes well, we’ll take a vote to see if they get to keep the spot.

  • Concerning new mobs, we’re trying to be more careful about how many we add, and we want to try and keep them as unique as the others in both formation and nature, so they fit well into the site.  We generally don’t support creating a mob the instant you join, but if you are interested contact the staff with your ideas and we’ll talk it over, maybe even offer some of our own if we think it’s a good idea.  We mostly just don’t want mobs that are created on a whim and will just end up neglected later.  Remember though, that mobs have to branch off from our existing mobs, except in certain situations.

  • Keep in mind that mobs with less than 10 members are in danger of predation and starvation, while those over 25 are in danger of splits and evictions.

Pregnancy/Pup Rules

  • When your female mates with a male, a die will be rolled to determine if they get pregnant.  If the answer is no, a coin will be tossed again to determine if the litter is miscarried or stillborn.  Either way, no pups survive.  Please remember that one female can only try for pregnancy twice per roleplay day.  You may also have planned litters, which are rolled before the mating happens, but the same rules apply.  Please read below for more information on rolling dice.

  • To control numbers, we’re also putting a limit on litters.  To determine how many pups will be in the litter, there will be a dice rolled, though there can’t be more than 6 in a litter.  Not all pups will survive, either.  Some of them will be predetermined for death.  These pups will not die automatically, and any who survive after the wait period may be adopted, and killed off any way at any time before the age of 6 months.  They may also be killed by another person’s character without permission.  If someone else is killing off their pup and you want to keep yours, they may swap places as long as one still dies.  Please read below for more information on rolling dice.

  • After a litter is born, they must survive for a week before they can be adopted.  During this time period, they can be killed REASONABLY at any time… however, please be courteous and tactful when doing so, and don’t go around killing all the pups.

When the die roller is used, the log is pulled up and both a 3 and a 6 have to be rolled.  The admin rolling will then post a screenshot.  At least two other people, while online must reply saying that they've see it.  Then the actual rolling begins, according to the key below.  Screenshots of both the pregnancy, litter, and any additional death rolls must each be posted separately.

This is the roller we use:

DOMINANT PREGNANCIES: A 5-sided die is thrown.  

  • 1=yes
  • 2=yes
  • 3=yes
  • 4=yes, but litter is either stillborn or aborted
  • 5=no

SUBORDINATE PREGNANCIES: A 3-sided die is thrown.

  • 1=yes
  • 2=yes, but litter is either stillborn or aborted
  • 3=no

DOMINANT LITTERS: A 6-sided die is thrown.  When determining size, you can make either 1, 5, 6 a 'Try Again', depending on whether you want a large or small litter.

  • 1 = 1 pup, no deaths 
  • 2 = 2 pups, no deaths
  • 3 = 3 pups, no deaths
  • 4 = 4 pups, no deaths (a 2-sided die is thrown... if a 1, 1 pup dies)
  • 5 = 5 pups, 1 death
  • 6= 6 pups, 1 death (a 2-sided die is thrown... if a 1, a 2nd pup dies)

SUBORDINATE LITTERS: A 6-sided die is thrown.  When determining size, you can make either 1, 5, 6 a 'Try Again', depending on whether you want a large or small litter.

  • 1 = 1 pup, no deaths
  • 2 = 2 pups, no deaths 
  • 3 = 3 pups, no deaths (a 2-sided die is thrown... if a 1, 1 pup dies)
  • 4 = 4 pups, 1 death
  • 5 = 5 pups, 1 death  (a 2-sided die is thrown... if a 1, a 2nd pup dies)
  • 6 = 6 pups, 2 deaths


If any of the above rules are perceived to be broken by a member in any way...
- 1st offense: Warning by PM
- 2nd offense: 2 week suspension from posting
- 3rd offense: Final Warning by PM
- 4th offense: Permanent eviction from the site

*If a member is expelled, his/her characters will be put up for adoption, but the details of his/her expulsion need not be released unless deemed necessary. Those with higher privileges caught rule breaking will have their rights removed after the 1st offense.*

*If you suspect someone of breaking a rule, first send a calm PM to a moderator about the problem with sufficient evidence ('I believe X person's post on Y thread "Quote" breaks rule number 3 on the list due to the following reasons...A,B,C & D' for example). Senior members of the site will reply and will take the content to the moderators board for discussion. The moderators will decide if a rule was broken and decide the appropriate consequences for those accused if he/she is found guilty. If the moderators receive more than one PM from several members about the same topic, the topic may be flagged as serious and may affect some of the running of the site to give enough time for the discussion and the modifications to be made. Rules can be changed or modified accordingly.*

The number one rule is to have fun! Just follow the above rules, and everyone will be able to enjoy themselves here!!

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DW Rules! (beta)
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