Three mobs of warriors live in the Kalahari, struggling to survive the harsh surroundings and recover from the severity of the harshest drought. Choose your meerkats and live the life of a Desert Warrior!
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 Fakemon: Karmakit

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PostSubject: Fakemon: Karmakit   Sat Dec 11, 2010 8:06 pm

The Black Kitten Pokemon
Type: Ghost/Normal
Height: 7"
Weight: TBA
Moveset (WIP):
Male: 95%
Female: 5%
Evolutions: (Unnamed)
Abilities: Bad Luck (The attacker may sustain a status condition similar to weather conditions such as sandstorm or hail.)
Description: They are a small, scrawny, scruffy black kitten Pokemon with ruffled fur and a slim build. They also have claws and will use them is neccessary. They, however, are generally very timid and stay near their moms at all times. They have a quiet tendency. They also tend to be quite skinny, and their ribs stand out, further highlighted by dark blue markings. Their front paws and tail tip, as well as the inside of their ears, are dark blue. The eye color is the same. The tuft of fur on the top of their head is highlighted in the same color. The nose echos the rest of the markings in color. There is another marking on their forehead. It is the mark of a curse.
It is said that there were once two Pokemon that loved eachother dearly. One was a Delcatty and the other was an Absol. However, before their children were born, the Absol was cruelly and brutally murdered. The Delcatty mourned for her lost love. Her tears were not shed in vain, however... This brought the Absol's spirit near her. He felt sad that they had to be apart. But he also wanted this to never happen to anyone again. So he gave a blessing on his children. Unfortunately, it was cast wrong... He had intended for them to have an ability to sense not just natural disasters like normal Absol, but also to be able to sense all sorts of bad things that will happen in an Pokemon's life... Mainly the worst of things. The Absol did not think. Without him knowing it, a curse was cast upon them. They would not only sense it, but unknowingly cause it. Long would there be discrimination against them. They could sense catastrophe, danger, murder, slaughter... Destruction... And see the dead. Quite a few disturbances were in store for them. As a punishment, the Absol was told that his children, yes, would have many, many offspring, a new species would be formed. But they would all suffer a terrible death. With that, the Absol was banished into infinity, his children left alone. The result was one Absol, one Skitty, and three of the new species... They were treated with hostility as strange things began to happen around them. Eventually, they were exiled into the wilderness. Even their kind mother abandoned them. Thus the beginning of all of their kind. They became numerous, but still very rare, in fear of death. They knew the prophecies. They didn't know how to control the strange powers they had. So, for many centuries, they remained dormant. The only time they came forth was in times of great danger, which began with the Planet's Paralysis... For a long time they were thought to be merely a legend. Even as Temporal Tower began to collapse they were. Anyone who saw them was thought to be completely insane. But then... The world became paralyzed. And it began. Great horrors and bad events occured. Right before each one came one of these Pokemon or one of its evolutions. They were correct in prophesying, but only made the events worse... Eventually, as the slaughter of them was ordered, they began to disappear. Most were killed. But they were still seen frequently. As many Pokemon fell into a Primal state, including Dialga, it was obvious that these Pokemon were immune to the darkness. This posed a problem, as they could start to get smart and form a rebellion to change time, or so Dialga thought. (Of course, we know those attempts were in vain... -pokes Grovyle and hero-) Soon, none were left, pretty much... They began to die off... Some were found and slaughtered as ordered. Others fell prey to the vicious Pokemon who worsened each day. One is said to remain somewhere in the world, said to be the species' last hope of survival...

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Fakemon: Karmakit
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