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 Jumanji: African Mayhem

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PostSubject: Jumanji: African Mayhem   Jumanji: African Mayhem I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 24, 2017 10:41 pm

Chapter One: The Calling Of Jumanji

"Nnnnnghyaaah! Stupid banana peel!" I growled, shaking my Nintendo 64 controller angrily as my chosen and favorite character, Luigi, falls into a pit of lava after slipping on a banana peel.

Ah, Mario Kart 64, one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games, is totally fun to play, but can raise your frustration levels considerably if you're having a bad day on one of the game's multitude of courses, making you want to chuck your controller at the TV, which is pretty much how I'm feeling right now. For this round I chose Bowser's Castle because I'm hoping a glitch that causes a character to collide into the wall of the bridge repeatedly after being retrieved from the lava will occur. I've only witnessed the glitch once so far and it was absolutely hilarious. If I can get it to happen again that would just be the light of my incredibly boring day. Approximately a week ago I returned to the real world from the Mushroom Kingdom after the Mario crew made their departure for an adventure to some other world. I slept in incredibly late the day they left, to like, 2PM, obviously making them not have the patience to wait until I get my act together to join them, so as a result I got left behind. Taking that as a message from the heavens to catch up with my family, I returned to my real world Pennsylvania home, only to discover that my parents had made their departure for a two week long cruise and my sister went down to Virginia to visit her best friend for the same amount of time our parents will be away, leaving me to decay from boredom since I don't have a license and can't drive anywhere. My week wasn't entirely boring though. I got to catch up with one of my best friends, Jack, a couple days ago. We went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, saw a movie and talked about a variety of topics. Was a pretty fun day. Despite my day being boring, I've basically been in the mood to spend its entirety indulging myself in the nostalgia of my Nintendo 64. God how I missed playing Nintendo 64 games!

"Hee hee hee, yes, I got the blue shell of death!" I cheered, leaping up from the living room chair excitedly, as Luigi obtained the blue shell from one of the translucent, rainbow colored blocks spread throughout the course. "You're all screwed now."

Chuckling flagitiously to myself, I was about to press the button on the controller that releases the blue shell when the Mario brothers' theme abruptly fills my audio senses, causing me to jolt in a startled fashion and drop the controller on the floor, which results in Luigi getting plowed into by star powered Donkey Kong and knocked into the lake of lava surrounding Bowser's Castle. Emitting a closed mouthed growl of irritation, I shift my hazel orbs from the TV screen and make visual contact with my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone on a wooden table located to the right of the chair. Flipper's Mother that scared the crap out of me. I really wasn't expecting any phone calls today. Plus I should probably turn the volume down a bit so my phone doesn't alarm me the next time it goes off. Or maybe even change the ring tone. The Mario Brothers' theme is a bit overrated anyway.

"Damn it! I was just about to finish this race in a badass fashion. Who the hell could possibly be calling me?" I complained, grasping my phone in my right hand. Not bothering to pay attention to the caller ID I answer it and place the phone up to my left ear, my eyes narrowed in mild annoyance. "Hello?"

"LIIIIIIIZZZZ!!!" A high pitched female voice squealed on the other end of the line, causing me to wince and practically go deaf in my left ear. "OMG, it's so great to hear your voice again!" She added, equally as loud.

It's my other real world best friend, Lizzy. She's a very exuberant individual with chestnut brown hair tied up in straight pig tails, hazel eyes, and often wears patterned shirts with jeans and sneakers. She possesses quite a loud voice, which she really needs to work more on controlling the volume of. Most of the time when she calls, she wants me to join her on some sort of adventure. Lizzy especially enjoys hiking and exploring abandoned places. I'm getting the feeling she's about to ask me to join her on a hike or something.

"Ow! Damn it, Lizzy! Not so loud! I think you just ruptured my left ear drum." I chided, grimacing as ringing developed in my left ear.

"Meep! S-sorry." She apologized, her voice now a bit softer. "I'm just so excited to hear that you returned from the Mushroom Kingdom. Jack told me yesterday you came back."

"Hee hee, yup. The Mario crew left for another adventure in another world without me, so I decided to return home to see what's been up around here." I explained, reclining back in the chair and tucking a strand of my honey blond hair behind my right ear. "Turns out my parents left for a two week long cruise and my sister went down to Virginia to visit her best friend, so I've just been home playing video games."

"Well that's pretty drab. I have a better idea for you." Oh man, don't say what I think you're gonna say. "Jack and I are planning to go up to Hawk Mountain for a hike. Why don't you come with us."

Damn it! I knew she was going to say that! I just feel like being a lazy bum today and playing video games. I know, it's a nice warm day and like the average person I should be outside gardening, jogging, walking the dog or whatever, but I really wanna make this Bowser's Castle glitch happen! I possess a kind heart though. I just can't say "no" to my friends when they ask or want me to do something. Especially not to Lizzy. Dear God, when she wants something she's persistent as hell and will drive you insane to get what she wants. Straightening my posture in my chair, I shift my hazel orbs from the TV screen to the window, then return them to the TV screen, indecisive on what I want to do. My long silence receives an impatient response from Lizzy.

"C'mon, Liz, it'll beat sitting on your butt the rest of the day playing silly video games. Maybe we'll find an abandoned cabin to explore in or something." Lizzy suggests.

I exhale a resigned sigh. "Alright. I'll come with. I can continue playing my Nintendo 64 games tomorrow."

"Yaaay! Alright, I'll see ya in a bit then."

"Yup, see ya."

Lizzy and I bid our cellular farewell and I hung up.

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Jumanji: African Mayhem
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