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 The Adventures Of Elizabeth And Toad

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PostSubject: The Adventures Of Elizabeth And Toad   The Adventures Of Elizabeth And Toad I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 20, 2017 12:01 am

Episode One: Poochy Training

Elizabeth had spent a majority of the day shopping in Toad Town, picking up essential supplies for the Mario brothers' house while they're away on an extended adventure in Ice Land. After she and Toad returned from real world Africa, Elizabeth heard a new strip mall was constructed in the area of Toad Town train station, and now that she has obtained every item on the list, she moves a brisk pace, excited to see what kind of stores occupy the new buildings, nearly dropping a couple of the bags embraced in her arms in her haste along the way. Upon cresting the slope of a hill, the strip mall enters Elizabeth's field of vision. It appears it consists of four buildings attached to each other. This sends a sense of disappointment through Elizabeth as she imagined the strip mall to be much bigger, having three or four separate strip malls actually.

Ah, man, how lame. I was expecting this new strip mall to be much more extravagant. Ah, well, lets see, what do we have here. Elizabeth thinks as her hazel orbs begin scanning the stores curiously.

The first store is called Ann T's Antiques. Elizabeth shrugs, guessing that'd be an interesting store to check out, not today though. some other day or something. The second store is called Shroom Mart. A smile of interest spreads across Elizabeth's face. She'd definitely like to know what kind of mushrooms they sell. Perhaps even really rare ones are in stock, ones you wouldn't normally see appear from out of an item block. The Third store is just plainly called Item Shop.

Seriously? As if there aren't enough of those stores in Toad Town. They're like Subway, McDonald's and Dunkin Doughnuts back in the real world. Where ever there's an empty space in a strip mall, they're one of the first businesses to make a grab for it. I swear, they're the business version of rabbits, multiplying like crazy. Elizabeth thinks with a frown of annoyance formed on her face.

When Elizabeth's hazel orbs make contact with the fourth store, she sees it has a window display in which there is movement. Once her vision focuses on the moving objects, she notices they are four creatures that have white coats and tan spots, thick yellow lips, large red tongues, stubby extremities, small black beady eyes and balls at the end of their tails. Elizabeth gasps with excitement.

"Are those..."

In her excitement, Elizabeth drops her groceries, causing several products to burst open and spread their content all over the pavement as she runs up to the glass, pressing her face against it in desire.

"Poochies!!!" Elizabeth squeals in delight.
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The Adventures Of Elizabeth And Toad
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