Three mobs of warriors live in the Kalahari, struggling to survive the harsh surroundings and recover from the severity of the harshest drought. Choose your meerkats and live the life of a Desert Warrior!
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 Churchill- Subordinate Male

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PostSubject: Churchill- Subordinate Male   Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:48 pm

Name: Churchill
Gender: Male
Age: 1.5 years
Rank: subordinate

A somewhat muscular meerkat of average size. He possesses a slightly darker shade of brown for fur coloration. There's a scar under his left eye, otherwise few distinguishing marks

Churchill is headstrong and committed. He's an avid sentry, but falls short when it comes to knowing how to raise and care for pups. He has no problem sharing his opinion or objecting to what he thinks is a bad call. He's social and always on the lookout for a female companion.

Churchill was born into a decent sized mob of about 10 members. He grew up with the notion that his duty is to his family and his mob. When he just became an adult, he mother passed and his father left, leaving an unrelated couple in charge. As his blood relatives died or moved on, he felt himself out of place with an apathetic ruling dominant pair. He left on his own will, preferring to start fresh than torture himself with the past. He has been roving since, luring several females but always being caught before he succeeds in mating with them.

Additional Note: I'm looking for a female to pair him with, if anyone is interested.
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PostSubject: Re: Churchill- Subordinate Male   Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:24 pm

Looks good to me! Accepted 1/2

Fiddle Nips: Zephy [Selfless]

Nightingales: Markie [Calculating]

Rovers: Bradley & Brayden [Flirty] [Stubborn]

Reserved Names: Brittany, Durango
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PostSubject: Re: Churchill- Subordinate Male   Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:13 am

Although I haven't been around much recently and the mobs are in the need of members I can accept him 2/2 for you.

Puzzles: Kit, Swift

To be Re-introduced:
Possibles:Zelda, Merry & Pippin, Chester Quavers
Moved to Linklu: Sanders, Jet, Morning Glory, Josephine, Robyn
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PostSubject: Re: Churchill- Subordinate Male   

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Churchill- Subordinate Male
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