Three mobs of warriors live in the Kalahari, struggling to survive the harsh surroundings and recover from the severity of the harshest drought. Choose your meerkats and live the life of a Desert Warrior!
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 Okello; Nightninggales Dominant Male Try-Out

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PostSubject: Okello; Nightninggales Dominant Male Try-Out   Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:28 pm

Base is by Pancake~

Basic Information

Name: Okello
Gender: Cisgender, Male
Age: Three Years, Six Months [Started at: Three Years, Six Months]

Rank: Nightninggales Dominant Male Try-Out


A Short, yet, smooth dull creamy brown fur, with lighter cream parts on the face, chest, and stomach, and dark smoky gray patches on the face, neck, tail, and left hind leg. The stripe markings are a dark brown color. His rough paw pads are all black, as are his claws. The nose and inner ear is a dark brown/red tint.
Eyes are wide, Dark, Chocolate Brown color.

A thin scar under his eye from fighting a Dominant Male of a Wild Mob, for power, in the past. This scar will heal over time.

Okello’s voice is a rough, guttural snarl with a loud, booming bark when annoyed or scared.


Okello is wary of strangers, new creatures, and new outsiders.
Jumpy and rash to accusations and actions towards newcomers, he has trust issues. So he might lash out at you if you dare get too close to him suddenly, or might push you around like a punching bag.  

Sometimes he won't understand why some Meerkats do certain things, or why they act the way they do. Call it as Socially inept, but he is curious how some might react a certain's say, getting a nip on the ear.  

But on the other hand, it is easy for him to gain your trust…As you as you don’t try and over throw him from his crown - which there is something to add, he’s scared of uprisings, so another reason why he might push you around-
And just follow his orders too and you don’t have to worry about getting an earful of his booming bark or a harsh nudge.

He’s rigid on how things should be run, and he won’t accept others advice unless he requests it, or he trusts what you has to say. Besides that, just keep your ideas to yourself.

This is great and all, but Okello can seem a little bit lonely at times? A hardy introvert that doesn’t bother others with his troubles or worries, instead, you might see him sitting alone in his jumbled up thoughts. By all means, you can approach him, but make sure you presents is known first so you don’t spook him.

In deep relationships, Platonic or not, Okello will cling to you
Like...honestly, cling to you. This is because he's inwardly worried and fearful of losing those he's grown fond of, or those he finds important to him.  


Father:  ???, Wild [Rover, Alive]
Mother: ???, Evening Stars [Evictee, Last Seen in the Evening Stars]

Siblings [In Order]
Sandy [Sister, Dead, killed during a burrow Raid]

Mate: None
Pups: None


Chapter One: Short Lived Tranquility

Okello wasn’t born from Royalty, not from the Dominant Female of the Evening Stars, but instead of a reckless Subordinate, Vixen, and with a littermate sister, named Sandy.
Everything was what you might call…normal…for little Okello. Well besides the fact that his and his sister’s birth was largely ignored by the Mob, but his mother.
And that the Dominant female, Kri, gave birth roughly around the same time, about five pups, which Vixen gave birth to Okello and Sandy…
So that meant that Okello and Sandy had five new playmates- grand time little Okello had.
The seven appeared up aboveground when they all reached three weeks of age- a great time where a pup can see the world for the first time.
But the event was cut short when Kri quickly lead the group out to forage, leaving two babysitters behind to care for the huge group of pups.

Everything, even then, was normal…
That is…until another wild mob appeared over the hill of a dune, swiftly making their way towards the baby sitter burrow. Okello was busy play fighting with the only male pup from Kri’s litter.

The baby sitters, in alarm, gathered up the seven pups and began to hide them underground
Although scared, Okello didn’t understand, and kept close to his friends as they began to climb all over each other after getting pushed into a corner by the baby sitters, who were now spitting angrily at something-

It wasn’t long for the baby sitters getting defeated, and the seven pups getting nabbed by whatever these strangers could grasp a hold of.

Okello, getting dragged out by the base of his tail, greeted by some murderous growling and high pitched squealing of two females of Kri’s pups.
Two pups of royalty- dead in a heartbeat.
And little Okello could only wail out in terror and confusion as suddenly he was getting carried away, his natal mob appearing over some thick grass-
His home, fading away.

And then another squeal, out of the corner of his eyes
A small brown paw hung in the dipped jaws of his home invaders.

Chapter Two: Clash

Being forced to grow up in this new mob wasn’t easy for the young tyke- being easily spooked and nervous with these strict meerkats had its toll on the young one.
Okello was quick to learn his place- or…the fact that he had to earn it- if he tried to up rise. Beatings will occur.
He pressed against his remaining friends sides, although they too, are scared.

A year or so passes, Okello has grown up into a strong, healthy young Male Meerkat.
He’s grown…fairly alone in his ‘new’ family. But it is alright, at beatings stopped a long time ago.

Everything is fairly peaceful…until the dominant male was overthrown by an older, hardy male.

Of course, Okello’s cocky teenage mode surfaces, the idea of getting all this attention and joy from the other members excites him, so he challenges the new Leader Male to a bloody brawl.

The fight was short lived.

Okello loses, feeling overwhelmed by the strength this older meerkat had.
But that didn’t make the younger one give up.
Not by a long shot.

About three weeks pass, the dominant female gave birth to three pups and they appeared up above ground for the first time.
Their father, the dominant male, was proud and focused on his upbeat pups.

that’s when Okello leaped at him when his back was turned- the pair rolling down the dip of the entrance as the pups barely managed to waddle out of the way, and the mob members gathered around, some pushed the pups up out of the entrance way.

Okello gains a bite wound on his left check, and after getting tossed around a little bit- he gives up, again, over powered.

After two heavy defeats, Okello leaves the next morning after the fight, ignoring the begging sounds of the ones that came from his natal mob- his friends.
He wouldn’t find anything of use by staying here.

Chapter Three: Flying Solo

After leaving everything behind to rove, without knowing, he was heading east- where his natal mob, the Evening Stars, were still living at.

So one early dawn, about a month after his leaving of the past mob, Okello stumbles across the Evening Stars, who were all still getting up to sun bath..
Something was off- the former dominants were missing and seemingly his Natal mob was under new rule. But the still energetic mother was still sun bathing among the rest.

Glad to his at least his mother was still alive; he recklessly bolts towards the mob.
The new crowned male spots Okello, and out of fear, he barks an alarm, sending three young males after Okello.

Seeing the danger, and that his Natal mob doesn’t know him anymore, Okello dashes off before the three males could reach him.

So…these next few months were slow and lonely.
There wasn’t any grand luck with his rovering.

…Until he manages to walk across another wild mob, seeking for a safety in numbers now, he trails after them long enough to finally be able to slide into their numbers…That, and that this new Wild Mob was low on numbers…so it was easy for them to accept him as their own.
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PostSubject: Re: Okello; Nightninggales Dominant Male Try-Out   Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:46 pm

Beautiful design, btw. ^^

He's very unique, especially the history. I read a rough draft on dA sometime back, this polished version was totally worth the wait. I think he's wonderful. By the way, welcome to DW! :3

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PostSubject: Re: Okello; Nightninggales Dominant Male Try-Out   Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:38 am

Although he didn't get the spot (I think?) I really like this character and look forward to seeing him in action.  ^w^

Accepted, 1/2

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PostSubject: Re: Okello; Nightninggales Dominant Male Try-Out   Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:13 pm

Accepted 2/2

I look forward to seeing him in action. ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Okello; Nightninggales Dominant Male Try-Out   

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Okello; Nightninggales Dominant Male Try-Out
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