Three mobs of warriors live in the Kalahari, struggling to survive the harsh surroundings and recover from the severity of the harshest drought. Choose your meerkats and live the life of a Desert Warrior!
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 Larka | Subordinate Female

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PostSubject: Larka | Subordinate Female   Sun May 31, 2015 5:55 am

Currently up for adoption here
- -

| ♀ | Subordinate | 1 year 10 months old, born July 24 |

Larka is your average sized 'kat, but she only weighs
a single pound. Her slim frame allows her to run at outstanding
speeds for a meerkat, but she's very fragile from previously
being undernourished for nearly her whole puphood.

- -

Larka has struggled with being terrified of anything that
moved since she was a pup. She freezes up when anyone
talks to her, and is quick to retreat when threatened. Whenever
she does talk, one will find that her very soft-spoken voice is pleasant
on the ears. Larka is severely submissive, always cowering away from
others or rolling belly-up in the sand for them. She absolutely never
stands up for herself, and startles easily. Because of these traits,
she is very reserved, and distant from others. Larka cannot bring herself
to have a normal conversation with anyone- much less confront someone
in a fight.

- -

History (WIP)

    Born to a low ranking female and a roving male,

- -

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Larka | Subordinate Female
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