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 A Video Game Nerd's Ultimate Dream: Elizabeth And Lizzy's Epic Adventure Through Nintendoland

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A Video Game Nerd's Ultimate Dream: Elizabeth And Lizzy's Epic Adventure Through Nintendoland Empty
PostSubject: A Video Game Nerd's Ultimate Dream: Elizabeth And Lizzy's Epic Adventure Through Nintendoland   A Video Game Nerd's Ultimate Dream: Elizabeth And Lizzy's Epic Adventure Through Nintendoland I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2015 10:49 pm

(Hello, my name is Elizabeth Wagner ^_^. I'm a five foot tall 25 year old young adult with shoulder length dirty blonde hair, hazel irises and glasses who lives in eastern Pennsylvania. Been residing there for approximately nine years. I'm an avid video game player, though I prefer to play Nintendo game consoles rather than other video game consoles. Ever since I was a child, I've been exclusively obsessed with Mario and Luigi. Witnessing them demonstrate a tremendous amount of acts of altruism and heroism throughout their games and the cartoons caused me to become enamored with the gallant plumbers. =^.^= I went through a phase where I was so obsessed with the Mario Brothers that I actually believed they existed, often imagining that they'd manifest in a room that I'd be in and invite me to embark on one of their perilous adventures with them. *W* I prayed so much for that to transpire, but could only put that desire into action by utilizing my imagination whenever I'd develop the urge to play with my Mario Brothers figurines. :/ However, if I were to ever meet the Mario Brothers in person....I... I dunno what I'd actually do. :s I'd most likely become speechless and be rendered immobilized by a sense of immense euphoria. *_* But man, that'd be THE. MOST. EPIC. EXPERIENCE. EVER! owo It's a shame the Mario Brothers are fictional characters, because the real world could use admirable individuals like them! Very Happy Anyway, it's a cloudy, tranquil mid-summer day in eastern Pennsylvania. My best friend Lizzy, *fictional best friend character XD* whom is five feet four inches tall, has auburn colored hair tied back in a pony tail that extends to the middle of her back and has green irises is visiting from Norman, Oklahoma for a week. We met on a Nintendo fan club forum a couple years ago and grew to become close friends. She and I are hanging out in the living room playing the original Super Smash Brothers game on my dilapidated Nintendo 64. So far, it's been operating splendidly for us, but in the past has abruptly ceased functioning during a game play, resulting in any data I've gained being lost in the process. In Super Smash Brothers, I'm playing Pikachu while Lizzy is playing Yoshi, our most favorite characters in the game because they have quite a bit of agility when maneuvering on the battle field.)

Lizzy: (Pressing the buttons on the controller vigorously) Oh, no you don't! That Poke ball is mine!

Elizabeth: (Also pressing the buttons on the controller vigorously. succeeds at having Pikachu grasp the poke ball) Aww, too bad, it's mine now, so >Razz (Prompts Pikachu to chuck the Poke ball across the Princess Peach's Castle arena) Time for you to meet your demise, hee hee! XP

Lizzy: (Glares competitively) Nnnngh! Darn it! D:<

(When the Poke ball makes contact with the ground, a Hitmonlee manifests from the light emitted from the spherical object and prepares to high jump kick Yoshi)

Lizzy: (Frantically pressing the buttons on the controller, the muscles in her extremities becoming constricted as she braces for Hitmonlee to propel itself in Yoshi's direction) Crap, crap, CRAP! O.O

(Suddenly, Hitmonlee catapults itself in Yoshi's direction and strikes him, resulting in a KO)

Lizzy: Dah, nooooo! D8

Elizabeth: Yes! Victory for me, mwah ha ha ha ha! >Very Happy

Lizzy: Man, you kickass at this game. I just can't manage to vanquish you! DX

Elizabeth: I'm sure you will someday, hun. ;P Several hours of practice ought to elevate you to my level of expertise. Wink

Lizzy: (Grins with determination and clenches her right fist at the challenge) Then it's on! I know what I'm doing when I return home. >:J (gets up from the couch and turns TV off) Anyway, wanna go exploring in the corn field? o3o

Elizabeth: Surez! I'm in the mood for an outdoor adventure! 83

Lizzy: Yaaayz! 8D Then let's go! ^_^

(Upon stepping out from the sliding glass door, a sense of pleasure flows through my system as I felt the warm air envelop my entire body, sending a warm sensation through my system. Ah, Summer. My favorite season. I love listening to the relaxing chorus of crickets and birds, feeling the warm air against my skin, basking in the toasty rays of the sun, watching thunderstorms approach my area, listening to the sound of thunder reverberating across the landscape and embarking on outdoor adventures. Unfortunately, summers in Pennsylvania are often accompanied with humidity, making some days feel so uncomfortable that it deprives you of most of your energy, making you feel lethargic. Fortunately, today is not one of those days. The temperature is in the mid eighties with low humidity, the perfect day to embark on an outdoor adventure.)

Elizabeth: Ya know, despite it being overcast, it's such a beautiful day. Feels so invigorating. ^_^

Lizzy: I know, right? ^w^ It's fantastic! ^_^ Summer should be like this more often. Razz

Elizabeth: Agreed! :3 Then we wouldn't have to deal with the scorching sun all the time. Razz

Lizzy: Yup, yup, hee hee! X3

(We commence our trek through the corn field, pushing stocks of corn out of the center of our vision so that we could see beyond the vegetation and leaping over decaying corn stumps every now and then.
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A Video Game Nerd's Ultimate Dream: Elizabeth And Lizzy's Epic Adventure Through Nintendoland
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