Three mobs of warriors live in the Kalahari, struggling to survive the harsh surroundings and recover from the severity of the harshest drought. Choose your meerkats and live the life of a Desert Warrior!
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 Plot Idea: The Ultimate Wish

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Plot Idea: The Ultimate Wish Empty
PostSubject: Plot Idea: The Ultimate Wish   Plot Idea: The Ultimate Wish I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 17, 2014 11:36 pm

Once the vault's security system permits me to enter, I don't hesitate to open the door, my pulse palpitating as the perpetually illuminated Star Rod enters the center of my vision.

"Squee! The Almighty Star Rod!" I exclaimed excitedly as I eagerly approach a pedestal where the Star Rod is being kept in a small glass dome, my pulse now racing.

"I... I can't believe I'm actually going to be doing this." I said, as I tentatively remove the glass dome and grasp the Star Rod in both my hands.

"This wish... it could change my life, my destiny... forever." Then the thought of consequences as a result of using the Star Rod enter my mind. "Eh, I could get into serious trouble for using the Star Rod without the Mario gang's permission. If I use it the wrong way, the results could be catastrophic. And what if... what if I can never return to the Mushroom Kingdom? How will I be able to get back? Through a portal that I can just conjure with a wish to return? Also, I'm making a wish for myself to be twelve inches tall so that I can experience life through a meerkat's perspective. The Kalahari Desert is a very hostile environment. Not many meerkats are guaranteed survival to adulthood. This could be the most perilous adventure I'm about to embark on. Meh, I'll be fine. I've proven myself to be a strong-spirited warrior here in the Mushroom Kingdom, surely I can do the same in the Kalahari as well. Just gotta believe in myself. Yeah!" I exclaim with determination.

"Oooh, I'm so excited! Alright, let's do this!" I exhale a sigh of relaxation, then, with the Star Rod grasped in my right hand, raised it up in the air. I could feel my pulse racing and the adrenaline spreading through my bloodstream. "Oh please work for wishes other than those of power" I pray. "Here we go. I wish I was twelve inches tall and in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa!" I wished loudly, my pulse racing and entire body trembling from the adrenaline circulating through my system.

Several heart pounding moments pass. Nothing happens. The Star Rod's perpetual illumination remains the same

Meet the inhabitants of Desert Warriors:

Fiddle Nips~ Lancaster (grief stricken)

Rovers~ Behrooz (inexperienced nomad)
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Plot Idea: The Ultimate Wish
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