Three mobs of warriors live in the Kalahari, struggling to survive the harsh surroundings and recover from the severity of the harshest drought. Choose your meerkats and live the life of a Desert Warrior!
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 Pancake's Designs. :3

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PostSubject: Pancake's Designs. :3   Pancake's Designs.  :3 I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 08, 2013 9:43 pm

Hmm, thought I would post these here~  One mob at a time, Linklus first.

Pinprick is an older female, but she still has plenty of fight in her. She was the loyal dominant of a thriving vicious mob. She was respected and feared among her subordinates. They were not an evil mob, but very dark and warlike. They still had their values. But all of that changed when her evil son got ambitious ideas and killed almost all the mobs in the area with his own. Now, a changed meerkat, Pinprick can be ruthless and without mercy in battle or in the face of her enemies, but to her son Mata Nui she is very loving and protective. To the kind mob, the Linklus, Pinprick is very loyal and is likely to be until the day she dies. She's wary of meerkats with red eyes or black fur, due to her evil son's mob having both of those traits.

Like many Marbles, Pinprick has dark brown fur.  She's the aunt of some of Teetsie's recent pups.

Pancake's Designs.  :3 Pinprick_marbles_by_pancakeshiners-d57w349

Sophie is the oldest living daughter of the highly respected Linklu Dominant Female, Lilifey. However, unlike her mother, she should probably not be trusted. She's been trouble from the start. She's caused much agony for the group from her various takeovers, her tyranny and selfishness just making it much worse. She's nice to her own children, hates Lilifey's children, and is bratty to everyone else. This odd meerkat has a strong urge to rise to power for good. She's beginning to see that Lilifey will have to die first, and she's plotting her uprising... First she'll have to get rid of older female Pinprick.

Sophie is a big troublemaker I brought back to the Linklus for a plot.

Pancake's Designs.  :3 Sophie_linklus_by_pancakeshiners-d57w4gs

Mata Nui is a strange meerkat. Like his mother and most of the survivors of his natal family, he is stockier and stronger than average, but due to his soft, gentle, and kind-hearted disposition he hates fighting and isn't assertive at all. As a young pup, he was a bit of a bully. He went along with his brother, Makuta and his sister, Krahka. But when he was taken to the neighboring Willows for a better life, very different morals were pounded into him strictly. He was molded into a meerkat with a heart of gold. However, he was aware that he was adopted and yearned to find his brother. This led him away from his home, shortly before the Willows were slaughtered. He instead found the Linklus and made a new home there. Mata Nui met his brother later, and upon learning that he was evil, became very troubled and bothered by it. Mata Nui has shiny fur, it reflects the light and makes it gleam.

Pancake's Designs.  :3 Mata_nui_marbles_by_pancakeshiners-d57w4co

Millie is one of Lilifey's other daughters, from her second litter. She is much unlike her older sister Sophie. Rather, she is rather quiet and calm, but fiercely loyal to the Linklus, especially to her mother. She would die to save her family. As her mother grows older Millie grows more and more anxious. As her mother's oldest daughter, it may be up to her to lead when Lilifey dies. Millie fears this, and doesn't want to lose Lilifey, so she watches the Linklus Dominant Female like a hawk, so to speak. Millie has one scar received from a jackal on her side, the other was a snake bite she recovered from. Millie is also close to her adopted daughter, Liza. She doesn't trust Pinprick and Navajo.

Pancake's Designs.  :3 Millie_linklus_by_pancakeshiners-d57w3w5

Emeraldheart is Sophie's oldest daughter whose whereabouts are still currently known. She's nothing like her mother. She can be very kind, loving, and sweet. But she's scared to death of her mother. Whatever Sophie tells her to do, she does. For this reason she can fight perfectly fine. She'll even act vicious at times, but that's not who she really is. Deep down she wishes her family would be able to respect her, know her true face. She ashamed but too scared to do anything about it. She has slashes on her side from when Sophie scratched her badly for mating with a rover.

Pancake's Designs.  :3 Emeraldheart_linklus_by_pancakeshiners-d57w4jr

Sevuela is a sweet, submissive female.  She's gentle and usually blames herself.  She's in a somewhat conflicting relationship with her mate, Victor.  Sevuela is a Sevuela survivor (and also Jayden's mother).

Pancake's Designs.  :3 Sevuela_sunnysands_by_pancakeshiners-d5vrsfy

Navajo is an odd case. She had a bad beginning and so far things haven't looked up for her much. She was born to a subordinate. Same old story, lured into a rover's trap, got pregnant... Her mother, Forsaken, was killed after giving birth. All her littermates except one male were also killed. Although their lives were spared, things were terrible for those two pups. They were hated, tortured, beaten, scolded. For being born an accident. Dominant pups were royalty, and these two were considered scum. Her brother molded into a timid individual, eventually running off. Not Navajo. She became vicious. Twisted. She came to hate meerkats, not trusting them. After all, every meerkat seemed the same to her. She did mate with a rover. She even fell in love with him. When she was evicted, he stayed with her for a few weeks, then ran off. Feeling betrayed, vicious Navajo begged acceptance into the mob. Since her aunt's pups (she was the dominant) had been stillborn, she was allowed in to have her pups. But rage was growing within Navajo's mind. She didn't want these pups. They were those of a traitor. And she didn't want them to live her anyways. She killed her pups when they were born. Then, wanting revenge, she killed her rival in secret, and a few days later killing the dominant. Instead of ruling as the new dominant female, Navajo left, never looking back. She has a new life now. She only trusts Tawny, Amira, and maybe little Measles who she met as a pup. Her best friend is a yellow mongoose named... Nameless.

Pancake's Designs.  :3 Navajo_savages_by_pancakeshiners-d57w3o0

Victor is Sevuela's daughter from her most recent litter.  He's brave, bold, adventurous, but also a troublemaker, and he doesn't know his own strength.  He doesn't know the meaning of pain.

Pancake's Designs.  :3 Vic_villians_by_pancakeshiners-d5ytb1h

Pancake's Designs.  :3 Mozart10
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PostSubject: Re: Pancake's Designs. :3   Pancake's Designs.  :3 I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 09, 2013 12:31 am

Yay for Linklu 'kats~

Fiddle Nip: Wendy (DF), Butters

Puzzle: Whiskers

Nightingale: Scarlette

Rovers: TBA

Loners: TBA

'Kats who will be re-introduced: Jade, Hyacinth, Link, Rania, Squeak

My Story Mobs: Cherish (C), Cloudy Paws (CP), Glowing Stars (GS), Witherpaws (WP), Dawnguard (DG), Dark Brotherhood (DB), Survivor (SR), Fire Emblem (FE), Skyrim (SM)
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PostSubject: Re: Pancake's Designs. :3   Pancake's Designs.  :3 I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 09, 2013 2:41 pm

They all have awesome designs. 83

Meet the inhabitants of Desert Warriors:

Fiddle Nips~ Lancaster (grief stricken)

Rovers~ Behrooz (inexperienced nomad)
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PostSubject: Re: Pancake's Designs. :3   Pancake's Designs.  :3 I_icon_minitime

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Pancake's Designs. :3
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