Three mobs of warriors live in the Kalahari, struggling to survive the harsh surroundings and recover from the severity of the harshest drought. Choose your meerkats and live the life of a Desert Warrior!
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 Tiny Kats Members OFFICIAL - 2/14

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PostSubject: Tiny Kats Members OFFICIAL - 2/14   Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:59 am

Dominant Female:
RPTKF002 Morning Glory – Maybelline

Dominant Male:
RPWM024 Stratus – Kusuma

Subordinate Females:
RPTKF015 Bahiya - Kusuma
RPTKF018 Antebellum - Stormymeerkat
RPTKF053 Tessumae - Taakah
RPTKF058 Fay - Eclipse
RPTKF061 Rania - Night
RPTKF068 Petal - Petal
RPTKF070 Twilight Sparkle - Maybelline
RPSMF005 Hyacinth - Night

Subordinate Males:
RPTKM056 Nemo – Eclipse
RPTKM057 Mist – Maybelline
RPTKM059 Jade – Night
RPWDM030 Paw – Night
RPTKM068 Reizel - Takaah

RPWWF005 Splash - Pancake
RPTKF008 Chester Quavers – Maybelline
RPTKF026 Rose Heart - Yoshkat
RPUKF002 Senji - Pancake

RPTKF044 Sherri - Eclipse
RPTKF038 Snap Dragon - Kusuma
RPTKF047 Emerald - Night
RPTKF062 Little Cloud - Pancake
RPTKF071 Robyn - Maybelline
RPTKP072 Unnamed - Eclipse
RPTKM073 Ailin - Stormymeerkat
RPTKP074 Unnamed - TBC
RPTKP075 Unnamed - TBC

Total: 23 (28)

To be Accepted/Introduced:

To be dispersed/temp adopted:
RPTKM063 Cumulus - Darkchu
RPTKF052 Panda – Tosca/Night
RPTKF064 Hope - Pancake
RPTKF065 Joy - Pancake
RPTKF066 Rainbow -  iAuroraify
RPTKM063 Faithful - Pancake
RPTKF067 Jevati - J Ze Cupcake
RPTKF042 Miracle – Darkchu

Puzzles: Kit, Swift

To be Re-introduced:
Possibles:Zelda, Merry & Pippin, Chester Quavers
Moved to Linklu: Sanders, Jet, Morning Glory, Josephine, Robyn
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Tiny Kats Members OFFICIAL - 2/14
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