Three mobs of warriors live in the Kalahari, struggling to survive the harsh surroundings and recover from the severity of the harshest drought. Choose your meerkats and live the life of a Desert Warrior!
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PostSubject: OH LOOK. A WILD PANCAKE APPEARED   Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:57 pm

Hey guys! I'm back from sickness! I'll post tomorrow! In the meantime...

PancakeofSunnySand wrote:
Oh look! Arts! Finally did this. It's for Hero-Grovyle-Fanclub's Meeting Assignment~

Ok. So. A few notes first. If you just want to know what's going on here, scroll down.

Do not... Do not... Do NOT... Complain to me about size inaccuracies. Crystal and Luna are normal size. Sarah and Jayden are younger here so they kinda make the other two look bigger. Ok, done. But please, if you're going to offer advice read the rest of my notes first ;D

1. Yes, I realize Crystal's anatomy is completely off. By the time I did it was too late to fix it. Not redoing this, it took me three days. THREE. FREAKIN. DAYS. MEEEH
2. I did redesign her, yes. I think she looks more unique now. Not that no one has ever done a mew with pink patches before xD But I like how she looks! She's still that normal light pink color, but with bright magenta markings and bright aqua-blue eyes. :]
3. Changed her pendant design. It's more clear on Luna, but I really like it ^^
4. Still has her wing markings but they're hidden.

1. Of all the characters, I like how she came out the most ^^
2. Made her crown design more clear.
3. No other notes, she's still white, if she looks darker I just made her base color gray to make shading her easier...

1. The little star of the artworks! xP
2. No real notes except he's super cute. And SHINY. xP
3. Oh, and he should be smaller but he's not D:
Quick fact. He's darker in color because the Treecko and Grovyle in his forest (A very dark, overgrown forest) adopted visually to blend in better, partly due to the forest and partly due to the dark future. (With the exception of Cassandra, but being a light type, she doesn't count). The forest is later attacked and burnt down by a group of Pokemon whose hearts were changed by the Planet's Paralysis, practically everyone in the forest killed.

1. Aww, poor little Sarah. D8
2. Yes, yes, I know. I fail at drawing people.
3. For size problems, see my first note.
4. She and Jay are about 7, 8, or 9 here.
5. Her braids are shorter due to being younger.
6. Couldn't fit all her details in. :<
7. I did my best on her, that's what counts, right? :/

Bleh, it sucks but at least I have one :/

So, I've mentioned it before. Sarah's come from a different world. She wasn't even a human to start out with. She's felt the breeze, seen a sunset, known spring, ect, ect. But that doesn't mean she had it easy. She was attacked by an embodiment of evil, changed emotionally. But she was chosen to revive the world with Jayden. So she was taken to live with his family. But her mind isn't in the right place, and she has a hard time making sense of anything. She's still young and will have to recover from her experience with help. But she'll never be the same again. Luna the Espeon, guardian of all good spirits in the world, leaves Crystal to look over Sarah as a sort of Pokemon guardian angel. That's why they're in the picture. In the trying years ahead, it's with the help of these two that Sarah can become who she is presently, and to help her and Jayden save the world.

Bleh, I need to write this again... Sorry if that description isn't so good, rushing it a bit.

All these characters and the art belongs to me.
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.

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