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 Animation Idea! *please read*

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Animation Idea! *please read* Empty
PostSubject: Animation Idea! *please read*   Animation Idea! *please read* I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 08, 2011 3:49 pm

So I got this weird idea. o.o

What if I did an animation where all we did was annoy a bunch of OC's? X3 You would tell me your main 'sona (Can't be a human, ask me about what I can animate...), and/or give me a bunch of OCs to annoy 8D The 'sona (or another character if you don't have a 'sona) would be part of the annoying party X3 I also need another character to be sort of an announcer X3

Here's the song I'm using:

This is kinda like an audition for characters. X3 I probably can't include EVERYONE, but I'll try my best, ok? I promise I'll actually get this done, lol XD

This is the form for one of the characters will annoy the OC's:

Link to character design:
Ideas for how they might annoy another character:

This is the form for one of the characters will get annoyed:

Link to character design:
How they react to annoyance, and what bothers them the most:

Animation Idea! *please read* Mozart10
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Animation Idea! *please read*
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