Three mobs of warriors live in the Kalahari, struggling to survive the harsh surroundings and recover from the severity of the harshest drought. Choose your meerkats and live the life of a Desert Warrior!
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 Back Once Again T-T

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PostSubject: Back Once Again T-T   Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:47 am

I'm intending to jump back in... Could I get an update?

Also, if any of my dominants were overthrown, I'd like their spots to be given back (except Bahrag, he can die for all I care.)

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PostSubject: Re: Back Once Again T-T   Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:18 am

Comets- Not much, at least, nothing worth updating on.

Midnights- Nothing

Willows- Nothing worth updating on.

Jumaa- The Midnights raided the burrow, killed 2 pups. Other than that, nothing.

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PostSubject: Re: Back Once Again T-T   Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:28 am

Oreos: Nothing much. The group is foraging uneventfully. A few new meerkats joined.

Reapers and Blizzards have been inactive for weeks. Nothing big has happened.

Devils: Facing the grim future of becoming lost. VERY inactive.

Zippers: A new male named Dasher who immegrated in was attacked by a murderous rover named Ghost while protecting Alfonso, who Ghost tried to kill. The group returned to the burrow meanwhile Peachy is making her way back after spending time with Tosca's roving character Shakespeare. Also new meerkats immegrated in.

Phantoms: A meerkat named Dolly joined who started off soft hearted but after brawling with Isis, Stewie (An evil pup who also joined) and Cyanide, she started to develop a vicious side.

Alot of that's happened while you were gone was uneeded, unnescissary drama which would stretch the page if explained. Too much crap pretty much happened really:/

Meet the inhabitants of Desert Warriors:

Fiddle Nips~ Lancaster (grief stricken)

Rovers~ Behrooz (inexperienced nomad)
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PostSubject: Re: Back Once Again T-T   Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:40 am

Welcome back Pancake. Smile Like Meyerm and YoshKat said, not much has really happened other than what they told you. We're planning on closing the current days soon enough to move to the next current one, but otherwise, things have been kind of slow.

Fiddle Nip: Wendy (DF), Butters

Puzzle: Whiskers

Nightingale: Scarlette

Rovers: TBA

Loners: TBA

'Kats who will be re-introduced: Jade, Hyacinth, Link, Rania, Squeak

My Story Mobs: Cherish (C), Cloudy Paws (CP), Glowing Stars (GS), Witherpaws (WP), Dawnguard (DG), Dark Brotherhood (DB), Survivor (SR), Fire Emblem (FE), Skyrim (SM)
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PostSubject: Re: Back Once Again T-T   Thu Mar 24, 2011 12:03 pm

As said above nothing major has really happened since you've been away.
Nothing has changed with your dominant characters only discussions about nearly all dominants has been raised to try and find answers to resolve areas of innactivity or unnecessary drama.
I'm sure there is no problem for the members who have been covering to hand back your characters.

Puzzles: Kit, Swift

To be Re-introduced:
Possibles:Zelda, Merry & Pippin, Chester Quavers
Moved to Linklu: Sanders, Jet, Morning Glory, Josephine, Robyn
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PostSubject: Re: Back Once Again T-T   

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Back Once Again T-T
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